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Photo catalyst activated carbon filter foam sponge sheet


The photocatalyst foam is made with titanium dioxide by advanced technology. Base material adopts PU foam, alumimium and paper honeycomb.

Photocatalyst is an internationally recognized environmental-friendly product because it can effectively purify air and decomposite harmful gases with the effect of ultraviolet light, leaving no secondary pollution.

  1. Real destruction of pollutant rather than a simple transfer on a substrate
  2. Degradation of pollutant at ambient temperature and pressure
  3. Build with easily available materials
  4. Economical, cheap and low energy consumption
  5. Adapted for a large range of pollutant (VOC, bacteria, mold)

Application: air conditioners, air cleaning machines, automobiles purification system, the air purification of the factory workshops and etc.

Product Name Photo catalyst activated carbon filter foam sponge sheet
Dimensions 0.5cm*100cm*200cm or per the requirement
Density 18-32g/cm2
MOQ 4 cubic metres
Application air filter, air cleaner, high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA), air purifier, air washer, eliminator, filter screen, filtrating screen


Photocatalyst filter sponge material
Photocatalyst (Light catalyst) filter is nanoscale powders with a variety of nanoscale light-sensitive semiconductor crystal doped media do to ensure adequate ventilation and exposure , reprocessing and carrier mixing together, can effectively remove the air carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons , aldehydes, benzene and other harmful gases and odors , and they can be broken down into harmless CO2 and H2O, but also has a bactericidal function.

Sponge photocatalyst filter function
An air purification function: on the human health effects of formaldehyde , benzene , ammonia , sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful organisms play a role in air purification.
Bacteria : Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other bactericidal effect, while in the sterilization of the bacterial decomposition of dead bodies release of harmful compounds.
Deodorizing function: cigarette smell , smelly toilets , garbage smell, smelly animals , such as deodorant effect.
Antifouling function: to prevent oil pollution , dust and other produce . Mold on the bathroom , water, rust , yellow toilet base and surface rust and chromosome painting fading phenomenon also has the effect of preventing.

Photocatalyst filter characteristics sponge
It is only after the light ( UV ) , the ability to resume its catalytic activation medium is not loss , can be regenerated , long-term use , thus becoming the majority of air conditioners, air purifiers , car cleaning systems , radiators and other manufacturers are using a new type of air purifier filter.

Photocatalyst filter sponge classification
From Material: cotton -based photocatalyst filter, photocatalyst filter aluminum , nickel-based photocatalyst filters , nonwovens photocatalyst filter.
From the appearance of : a porous foam photocatalytic purification , 2.60 photocatalytic purification aluminum honeycomb mesh, perforated metal mesh , etc. photocatalytic purification.
From the process of : aluminum frame photocatalyst filter, photocatalyst filter paper boxes , composite photocatalyst filters.

Identification of photocatalytic filter sponge
1. The color changes in the light photocatalyst : good photocatalyst liquid inorganic binder is used , there is no color change in the light products , fake photocatalyst filter with an organic binder , dispersing agent added organic titanium dioxide is made , it will turn black within a few hours under direct sunlight because the titanium dioxide photocatalytic reaction occurs in the light , oxidation of the organic components of its solution.
2. Formaldehyde scavenger decoration in addition to flavor agent has quickly deodorant effect, but its role is only a few days, and secondary pollution generated . Some people act as a photocatalyst with formaldehyde scavenger used, it is extremely irresponsible to consumers.
3. Photocatalyst filter Odor: odorless aqueous solution photocatalyst good quality , and if you open the bottle loaded photocatalyst liquid packaging son , smell : smell like alcohol , resin taste, odor , and other organic matter , are inferior photocatalyst , there are serious secondary pollution.
4. Photocatalyst filter colors: from the appearance of the photocatalyst of two states, one is white, the other is transparent . Photocatalyst such as milky milky , no precipitation , stratification, if colors are dark shape ( like gum paste ) , was inferior photocatalyst products ; transparent photocatalyst appearance of blue and white , when viewed as a positive light golden yellow, is the other solution does not have the characteristics.
5. Non-sticky photocatalyst : external conditions such as poor photocatalyst paste, thicker , has a certain viscosity, good condition , such as water , no sticky , spray drying after the surface will exhibit greater viscosity.


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